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Nea Potidea is built in one of the most beautiful villages of Halkidiki, which is afloat in the clear blue waters of Thermaikos and Toroneos gulfs. It is the first village of the Kassandra Peninsula. Gate of Kassandra, the impressive bridges over the canal of Nea Potidea, which connects Thermaikos with the Gulf of Toroneos.

Nea Potidea is one of the most historic areas of Kassandra. The current village was built in 1922 by refugees from Eastern Thrace. It was a colony of the Corinthians. She took part in the battle of Plataea where her name is mentioned on the bronze tripod dedicated to the gods by the victors.

In 431 BC the Athenians occupy the city after a 2-year siege, expel its inhabitants and settle new ones of their own. The philosopher Socrates also took part in the siege bravely. In 357 BC. it is occupied by Philip of Macedonia who hands it over to the Olynthians. In 316 BC. the King of Macedonia Kassandros builds in the ruins, a new city naming Kassandreia. In 43 AD was proclaimed by Brutus, "Colony" of the Romans. In 269 AD occupied by the Goths and in 540 AD. destroyed by the Huns. In 1307 it became a stronghold of the Catalans. In 1426 it is in the hands of the Venetians and finally in 1430 it is overwhelmed by the Turks.

In 1821, the rebellious people of Halkidiki were fortified in its castle, fighting hard before the "Destruction of Kassandra". One of the attractions of the area is the canal, what is left of its historic castle, which many emperor kings and conquerors dealt with. Also visit the monument of the "Ruin" of 1821 and the chapel of the Brigadiers.

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